Hypertext and Performance: A Resonant Response to Joanna Baillie’s Witchcraft was a three-year research-creation program generously funded by Québec’s Fonds de recherche scientifique.



Principal Investigator of the research team, Artistic Director of the research-creation component, and Web Editor

Dr. Louis Patrick Leroux (Concordia University)

Affiliated funded scholars:

Dr. Michael Sinatra (Université de Montréal) and Dr. Fiona Ritchie (McGill)

Collaborating scholars:

Dr. Ursula Denzer-Neuerberg (Concordia), Dr. Tom Crochunis (Shippenden University), Dr. Meredith Evans (Concordia), Dr. Jonathan Sachs (Concordia), in addition to other scholars.

Research-creation core team


Louis Patrick Leroux, Cristina Iovita (PhD Humanities student), Alison Darcy (professional, year 1)

Principal Dramaturg:

Joanna Donehower (PhD Humanities student)

Editorial Assistants (web):

Joanna Donehower, Alexander St-Laurent (MA, English), Feriel Boughara (MA, French), Nika Khanjani (MFA, Film).

Contributing Editors (web):

Anna Sigg (PhD, McGill University), Alexandra Grenier (PhD, Université de Montréal)

Web architecture/conception:

Louis Patrick Leroux and Elyse Viotto

Web design and programming:

Elyse Viotto

Video Editing:

Nika Khanjani

Videos and video stills:

Abdelhamid Bouchnak (MA, Film, Université de Montréal) and Nika Khanjani

Additional Video:

Roch Michel Thibeault (BFA, Film, Concordia), Joanna Donehower, and Louis Patrick Leroux.

We were in residence at Matralab research-creation centre throughout the entire process. Thanks to Sandeep Bhagwati and the Matralab team for its continued support!

Most of the research-creation process involved Concordia’s Hexagram Institute for Research/Creation in Media Arts and Technology. We thank them for their continued technical, moral, and material support over the three years; and for access to a much needed laboratory space in 2011-12.

The Department of Theatre at Concordia and our colleagues there were extremely supportive of the process and tolerated our begging, bartering, borrowing, and even fully collaborating with us in year 3 with an ambitious production of Witchcraft.

Thanks to the Department of English and to the Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Culture and Society for its support throughout, and especially to the PhD in Humanities program for allowing its students to devote themselves to such a time-consuming project.

Programs of each of the three years’ productions are in PDF form on the website.

People Involved

Everyone involved in Hypertext and Performance since 2009 (in alphabetical order, includes professionals, professors, involved university staff, and graduate and undergraduate students):

  • Miranda Abraham
  • Brie Birdsell
  • Graham Berlin
  • Abdelhamid Bouchnak
  • Maude Emilie Bourque
  • James Butlinv
  • Peter Cerone
  • Julie Chamberland
  • Dominique Coughlin-Villeneuve
  • Dr. Tom Crochunis
  • Miriam Cummings
  • Yasmine Dalloul
  • Alison Darcy
  • Tasha Davidson
  • Tanya Déry-Obin
  • Gabrielle Desjean,
  • Joanna Donehower
  • Parker Dorris
  • Nina Jane Drystek
  • Alexandra Draghici
  • Isabelle Duguay
  • Harper Duffy
  • Dr. Michael Eberle-Sinatra
  • Jeremy Eliosoff
  • Robert d’Entremont
  • Dr. Meredith Evans
  • Alessandra Ferreri
  • Michela Fisher
  • Deanna Fong
  • Dr. Marcie Frank
  • Chloe Garner
  • Alexandra Grenier
  • Jeremy Gordaneer,
  • Hannah Gorham-Smith
  • Philip Greene
  • Claire Hogan
  • Michael Hughes
  • Cristina Iovita
  • Christian Jadah
  • Aaron Janke
  • Jennifer Johnson
  • Nika Khanjani
  • Matthew Kolaitis
  • Elizabeth Langley
  • Danielle Laurin
  • Christine Leclerc
  • Vincent Leclerc
  • Dr. Louis Patrick Leroux
  • Jessilyn Leckie
  • Kate Lecours
  • Peter Lee
  • Julia Lenardon
  • Hayley Lewis
  • Daniel Lister
  • Nadia Lombardo,
  • Carlan Lonsdale
  • Ariel Lise Loraine
  • Marlène Lucas
  • Manon Manavit
  • Sarah Marchand
  • Mathieu Marcil
  • Keri Matthews
  • Mary Mauleon,
  • Samantha Megarry
  • Julian Menezes
  • Michael Mercer
  • Roch Michel
  • Chimwemwe Miller
  • Mehrnaz Mohammadi
  • Norberts J. Muncs
  • Ursula Neuerburg-Denzer
  • Vanessa Nostbakken
  • Natasha Perry Fagant
  • Darien Pons
  • Fiona Ritchie
  • Kyle Purves
  • Mairi Robertson
  • Fae Reinhart
  • Paola Ridolfi
  • Heather Rimington
  • Sara Rodriguez
  • Adam Rosadiuk
  • Alex St-Laurent
  • Dr. Jon Sachs
  • Marcos Santiago
  • Lucy Satzewich
  • Caitlin Saunders
  • Emily Schon
  • Cam Sedgwick
  • Michal Seta
  • Anna Sigg
  • Jennifer Spiegel
  • Casey Stainsby
  • Ted Stafford
  • Julian Stein
  • Jen Strahl
  • Deborah Sullivan
  • Hannah Sutherland
  • Emily Tognet
  • Mireille Tremblay
  • Benoît Trudel
  • Elly van der Veen
  • Véronique Van Houtte
  • Sonya Vallis
  • Greg Walker
  • Jon Verall (Murrey)
  • Erin Whitney
  • Jill Wilkie
  • Lindsay Wilson
  • Jake Zabusky