Patrick Leroux Publications

All publications included on this page were written by:

Patrick Leroux
Working Group Founding Director
Professor and Associate Dean, Research in the Faculty of Arts and Science, Concordia University
Associate researcher and regular guest instructor at National Circus School, Montreal


Books – published

Contemporary Circus, co-authored with Katie Lavers and Jon Burtt, London: Routledge. July 2019.

Cirque Global: Québec’s Expanding Circus Boundaries, edited with Charles Batson. Edited collection (multiple authors). McGill-Queen’s University Press. May 2016.


Edited Journal Special Issues (circus and physical theatre):

2020, L’Annuaire théâtral, “Corps scéniques et textualités”, Ed. Catherine Cyr and Louis Patrick Leroux

2019, Performance Matters “Circus and its Others”, section editor for “Circus Mobilities”

2014, Québec Studies, “North-South Circus Circulations” Ed. Louis Patrick Leroux

2010, L’Annuaire théâtral, “Le Québec à Las Vegas” Ed. Louis Patrick Leroux


Articles (peer-reviewed) – in preparation or submitted

“Implementation of Circus Arts in Canadian Physical Education Curricula: An Overview of Multidisciplinary Inquiry,” Alisan Funk, Louis Patrick Leroux, Dean Krielaars, Patrice Aubertin et al.

“Experiencing the Implementation of Circus Arts: Students, Parents and Teachers,” Louis Patrick Leroux and Alisan Funk.

“Empathy and the Exceptional Feat: Our Spectator’s Gaze upon Contemporary Circus,” for On Empathy, an edited collection by Cynthia Milton and Stuart Murray.

“Tightwire Theology: Circus and the Co-Consecration of the City” with Rev. Graham Singh in Circus, Judaism and Sacred Literature, Ed. Ora Horn Prauser, Canton Michael Kasper, and Ayal Prouser.

« Hamlet : écrire ou ne pas avoir écrit pour le fil », « Corps scéniques et textualités » themed issue, edited by Catherine Cyr and myself, L’Annuaire théâtral, 2020.

“Cirkaskina et la recherche,” conference and embedded research report for Cirque Hors Piste by Ann-Fay Audet Johnston, Caroline Barbier de Reulle, Mathilde Perahia, Jacinthe Rivard and Louis Patrick Leroux. Submitted February. Publication: March 2020 (on standby, covid-19 delays).

“A l’aube d’un nouveau cirque québécois” and “Les arts du cirque au Québec. Et maintenant?” for Cirque ! exhibition book for Musée Pointe-à-Callière, Montreal, May 2020 publication to coincide with museum exhibition (delayed because of COVID-19). Submitted February 2020.

« Enquête quantitative sur les dispositifs de médiation numérique dans les arts de la scène au Québec » Marie-Claude Lapointe, Hervé Guay, Marie-Chantal Falardeau, Marie-Claude Larouche, Marie Beaulieu, Sara Thibault, Louis Patrick Leroux et Morad Jeldi. Submitted to Animation, territoires et pratiques socioculturelles in December 2019.

“Early Québec Circus (1797-1950s). Performance Beyond Language,” Canadian Performance Documents and Debates, 1606-1967, edited by Allana C. Lindgren, Glen Nichols and Tony Vickery, University of Alberta Press. Submitted in Fall 2018. Article accepted by editors and submitted to press.

Pedagogical Case studies (pre-submitted to International Journal of Case Studies in Management / Revue internationale de cas en gestion, twice tested in the classroom at HEC-Montreal in 2017 and 2018).

  • « Les 7 doigts de la main : Un collectif circassien qui repousse les frontières.  Cas A : La fondation du collectif », Joanie Leroux-Côté, Wendy Reid, Patrick Leroux et Maribel Courcy, 10 p.
  • « Cas B : Faire fonctionner l’organisation », Joanie Leroux-Côté, Wendy Reid, Patrick Leroux, Maribel Courcy, 22 p.
  • « Cas C : Un nouveau centre de création et de production… Vers un nouveau modèle d’affaires ? » Joanie Leroux-Côté, Wendy Reid, Louis Patrick Leroux, Maribel Courcy, 5 p.
  • « Cas D : Le processus créatif dans un leadership collectif », Maribel Courcy, Louis Patrick Leroux, Wendy Reid et Joanie Leroux-Côté, 22 p.
  • « Note sectorielle » Joanie Leroux-Côté, Louis Patrick Leroux, Wendy Reid et Maribel Courcy, 12 p.

Note: Five case studies were submitted to Centrale d’études de cas de l’École des HEC-Montréal and, if accepted, will be translated into English for inclusion in the Harvard Business School Case Study centre based on an existing agreement with HEC. I will oversee the English production of the case studies along with Wendy Reid.


Published works:


« The diverse narratives of Cirque du Soleil » in Narrative in Performance, London: Red Globe Press/Macmillan international higher education, 2019, p. 111-132. Co-written with Katie Lavers.

“Questions for Circus Research: Explorations of Contemporary Circus in Quebec and Beyond with Louis Patrick Leroux” part of the “Adventures in Circus Research” series, CircusTalk, New York,



Carlos Alexis Cruz, Roy Gomez Cruz, Jane Childs, Xandra Ibarra, Kareem Khubchandani, Chris LaShua, Louis Patrick Leroux, and Chase Waites“ Circus and its Terms. Reading (into) them” in “ATHE Conference 2017 Plenary: A Spectacular Balancing Act,” Theatre Topics, vol 28, issue 1; March 2018, p. 7-14.

“Embodied research-creation into contemporary circus” a series of 16 academic posters written and presented by Louis Patrick Leroux, Alisan Funk, Alison Bowie, Marie-Eve Skelling, Alice Brand, Sorrel Neilson, Sarah Poole, and Mathilde Perallat. Designed by Nathalie Dumont. Concordia University and Montréal Complètement Cirque (MICC), July 2018.

“Meanwhile, Backstage,” Circus Talk!,, 2 November 2018.



“Research Performance as Apprenticeship and Performative Research. Musings from a Supervisor,” Current Challenges in Doctoral Theatre Research, Edited by Radka Kunderova, Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts, Brno, Czech Republic, 2017, p. 47-55.

“En état vertical, une ouverture sur tous les arts de la scène” Biennale Zones théâtrales 2015, sous la direction de Mariette Théberge et Francine Chaîné, Québec: Presses de l’Université de Laval, collection “Formation et recherche en education artistique,” 2017, p. 114-126.

« Netherspaces. Collaborative Spaces : Performative Research and Circus Practice » (graphic novelization and summary of my talk) in Franziska Trapp, UpSideDown Circus and Space, 2nd International Conference. An Academic graphic novel, Münster : Zikus-Wissenschaft, 2017. N.p.

“Field Notes from a field school in a burgeoning field,” CdnTimes,, 8 August 2017:



“Introduction: Reinventing Tradition, Building a Field: Québec circus and its scholarship,” in Cirque Global: the Expanding Borders of Québec Circus, ed. Leroux and Charles Batson, McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2016, p. 3-20.

“A Tale of Origins: On the “Invention” of cirque and Where Québécois and American Circus Cultures Meet,” in Cirque Global: the Expanding Borders of Québec Circus, ed. Leroux and Charles Batson, McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2016, p. 36-54.

“Epilogue: Circus Reinvested,” in Cirque Global: the Expanding Borders of Québec Circus, ed. Leroux and Charles Batson, McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2016, p. 284-293.

« The Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas : An American Strip-Tease » (reprint of article originally published in Revista Mexicana de Estudios Canadienses, nueva época, 2008), requested by editors Peta Tait and Katie Lavers for inclusion in The Circus Studies Reader, London: Routledge (Taylor and Francis), 2016, p. 546-552.

“Contemporary Circus Research in Québec: Building and Negotiating an Emerging Interdisciplinary Field” (reprint of article originally published in Theatre Research in Canada, 2014), requested by editors Peta Tait and Katie Lavers for inclusion in The Circus Studies Reader, London: Routledge (Taylor and Francis), 2016, 560-571.



“North-South Circus Circulations: Where Québécois and American Circus Cultures Meet,” Québec Studies 58, Fall-Winter 2014, p. 3-24.

“Le Cirque du Soleil et Hollywood: Iris,” Québec Studies 58, Fall-Winter 2014, p. 45-63.

“Cross-Border Circus: Americans in Montreal” with Amy Cohen, Francisco Cruz, Kyle Driggs, Louis Patrick Leroux, Sarah Poole, and Duncan Wall. Co-edited with Jane Moss, Québec Studies 58, Fall-Winter 2014, p. 65-86.

“De la langue au corps: l’inscription et discours du “vrai” dans le corps performant, d’Aurore, l’enfant martyre à Dave St-Pierre” included in Le jeu des positions. Discours dans le théâtre québécois, edited by Patrick Leroux and Hervé Guay. Substantial rewriting and recontextualizing of a previously published article in English, 2014, pages 31-78.

“Circus Dramaturgy, an Interview with Louis Patrick Leroux,” Theatre Topics. Journal of the Association for Theatre in Higher Education, interviewed by Carlos Alexis Cruz Casas, September 2014, vol 24, no 3, p. 269-273.

“Contemporary circus research in Québec: building and negotiating an emerging interdisciplinary field,” Theatre Research in Canada (peer-reviewed) article requested by journal for non-peer-reviewed “Forum” section, vol. 34, no 2, Summer 2014, p. 263-270.



« Le Cirque du Soleil à Hollywood: retour sur Iris », Revue de théâtre JEU, no 148, Fall 2013, p. 155-159.



“From langue to body — the quest for the “real” in Québécois theatre” Edited by Roberta Barker and Kim Solga, New Canadian Realisms: Essays, Toronto, Playwrights Canada Press, 2012, p. 106-123.



« Zumanity : la spectacularisation de l’intime, ou le pari impossible d’authenticité au Cirque », L’Annuaire théâtral. Revue québécoise d’études théâtrales, no 45, printemps 2009 (actual publication June 2010), p. 69-91.

« Le Québec à Las Vegas: pérégrinations postidentitaires dans l’hyper-Amérique », L’Annuaire théâtral, no 45, printemps 2009 (actual publication : June 2010), p. 9-20.

« What happens in Vegas… (les coulisses d’une recherche) », Québec Studies, no 48, Fall 2009/Winter 2010.

« Cohérence esthétique, anémie dramaturgique » (review of Cirque du Soleil’s Ovo), Spirale, no. 227, Summer 2009, p. 28-30.



« The Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas : An American Strip-Tease », dossier « Exporting Popular Culture », Revista Mexicana de Estudios Canadienses, nueva época, Decembre 2008, p. 121-126. PDF of article.